A Valentine’s Day Inspired Teen Yoga Playlist

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow 🙂 … yes it can be a bit cringy and too commercial… but seriously, what’s not to love about a day about love!

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here’s my music playlist for a heart opening yoga practice to dedicate to your love <3 or to yourself! (just click on my greeting below)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


But what if you can’t?! Many teens have all the best intentions, but time and again they find their attention has wandered… until suddenly they’re

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How are you sleeping?

How are you? Or more specifically, how are you sleeping? Whether you’ve consciously thought about it or not,  how you’re sleeping is often a clear

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Why Teen Yoga?

Your teenage years are an amazing period in your life! Filled with potential, teenage brains: Process more INTENSE EMOTIONS Crave SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT Seek out NOVELTY

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