All about KinKou Yoga

About Us

Hi there! My name is Kathy Gaudiosi

I love sharing yoga and mindfulness with children and teens of all abilities (and adults sometimes too!).

I created KinKou Yoga in 2014, because I wanted to help children and teens grow up connected. Not to their smartphones, social media and screens, but to themselves, each other and the world around them.

Through the powerful tools of yoga and mindfulness, KinKou Yoga empowers kids and teens to find balance in their lives. I want to help young people to feel good about who they are – really! And that’s something that happens naturally when we have a strong connection to our true self.

I believe in making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability, intellectual ability, social/emotional challenges or life experiences! Yoga is a health and wellness tool that can be used by anyone and what a great tool to have as you are growing up and to keep with you as you navigate through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

I am a qualified yoga teacher with specific training and experience in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children and teens.

Teachers representing KinKou Yoga are trained, qualified and experienced in instructing children and teens in yoga and mindfulness. All representatives of KinKou Yoga are required to have a current WWCC (Working with Children Check). KinKou Yoga is an registered Active Kids Provider.

During the COVID19 lockdown, I recorded the online class below., inspired by Kids Reach Tall. You can read a little more about that program below the class on the KinKou Yoga YouTube channel.

My own relevant training and qualifications include:

To book a yoga program or class with a highly qualified professional