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An open letter for all the teen yogis who are about to start their HSC exams (including my top 5 tips for exam day!)

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve clocked up a LOT of school and study hours! Regardless, of how much effort you’ve been putting in leading up to this week, regardless of what your plans are for beyond this year, sometimes you just can’t help but get caught up in the stress of Year 12 and in particular the stress and anxiety of final exams.

So here are my top 5 tips:

 1.       Remember! That in order to remember, you need to relax a little (it’s a neurological thing!). By Thursday morning you know what you know. So when you wake up Thursday morning, as long as it doesn’t freak you out too much to do so, STOP studying.

2.       Set your alarm a little earlier than you need to so that you can lay in bed for a while and “check in” with yourself.  Notice (and try not to get involved in) the thoughts that start to come in to your mind and then practice a short body scan starting from your face and ending at your feet. Then, place one hand on your heart and the other hand near/below your navel… close your eyes and feel your body breathing for you 😊

3.       Once you’re out of bed try some Shoulder Shrugs, HA! Breath and/or Breath of Joy… if you’re in my classes you know these, so choose your favourite and go for it!! (as many as feels good <3)          

4.       Take a finger and gently touch each corner of your mouth. Gently start to lift the corners of your mouth in the direction of your eyes… YES! You’re smiling 😉

5.       Tell yourself you will do your best and if you get distracted during your exam, gently take your attention back to your breath, then back to your exam paper.  If you have a blank moment, take a mini break during your exam to either take some deep breaths OR try touching your thumb to each finger on both hands at once… then see if you’re able to re-focus.


Finally, know that although I highly recommend you try your best in these exams, this is NOT the most important thing in your life. It certainly DOES NOT define who you are or who you will be!

It’s all about finding balance 😉


Love Kathy x

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