Beauty from mud

How to Not Lose Yourself when you’re Parenting Parents As Well As Children

Are you a part of the sandwich generation? The filling in the sandwich more aptly… and a very thinly spread filling at that 😳  The term sandwich generation has been used to describe those caring for their own children while also caring for their ageing parents, often while managing a career as well. Whatever the balance in experiences with older children and your parents, the sandwich generation is undoubtedly in the middle, with demands placed on them from either side.  So how do you find space for you? How do you make the “sandwich filling” more robust? How do you

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Guided Meditation

Letting Be The Year That’s Gone

At the end of a year, for many of us, it can feel like we need some space to refresh in order to move into the new year with a sense of newness, of “starting again”, with optimism and energy. If the year has been particularly eventful, stressful or traumatic, it can be particularly challenging to find that refreshment. This is a short guided meditation for you (just over 7 minutes).  I do versions of this meditation for myself when I need to transition into a new “mode” of being, when I’m “stuck” with my emotion and thinking from what’s

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Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life is a Powerful Thing!

Do you remember the scene in “The Jerk”, when Navin finds his rhythm? 😂 (there’s a link to it on YouTube at the bottom of this page)  Rhythms are powerful! They can help us find vitality and energy, along with a sense of security and overall wellbeing. We all have our own unique way of connecting with rhythm (like Navin), but connect we must, if we’re to enjoy the flow (the music!) of our lives. Rhythms might include the regular sleepy, sweet embrace with a loved one when you wake in the morning… the everyday early morning walk with the

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