Moving Well through and beyond Mid-Life

Don’t let your body slow you down! Look after your body so that you can be moving well beyond 50, beyond 60, beyond 70, beyond 80, beyond 90 …. !!!

When you’re in your midlife, it really is important to make sure you’re moving well, so that you can continue to live life the way you want to, through your 50s and beyond.

This 8 week course will show you how to move in a way that provides the least wear and tear on your body, and helps you gain the most mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. And as with all things yoga, this is not just about your body, it’s about your whole being. Mind. Body. Spirit.

This will be a super small group of just 6 participants to allow for personal, individual recommendations and advice.

Surviving and Thriving Parenting Adolescents

This is NOT a workshop on how to parent! 

This is a workshop to help you in your journey as the parent of an adolescent.  

Learn what’s happening to an adolescent’s brain and how this might show up in their behaviour (taken from Neuroscientist Dan Siegel’s work). 

Learn how to manage your own reactions and expectations during this amazing time in your child’s life, using the tools that yoga and meditation practices offer us. 

Take a trip down memory lane to help you make sense of why you might react the way you do, and be inspired to ignite your own growth and development. 

Most importantly, learn ways to look after yourself, your sense of self and your ability to be joyful!

Enjoy the company of others making this journey too 😊

Thriving and Surviving Parenting Adolescents

Learning Express AND Stress Less!

A ten week course designed specifically for those who are studying or wanting to learn (anything) deeply. 

Perfect for HSC students or university students or anyone wanting to retain new learning better!

Based on emerging science on how we best learn, this course involves yoga based movement (accessible to all), non-sleep deep rest and breath practices.

Mother/Teen Daughter Retreat

We were so lucky to have experienced this one in between lockdowns! This is a retreat organised by We Are Alma (who specialise in amazing retreat experiences) and I was thrilled to be invited along to co-facilitate one just for Mums and Teen Daughters! We Are Alma had planned to hold a second event in October 2021 but, well… COVID.

Join the waitlist here or get in touch with We Are Alma to find out when the next one gets scheduled.