How to be a calm parent of teenagers

Parenting Adolescents

“Adolescence is an incredible and unique period of life”, says Dr Dan Siegel (author of Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain).

It could also be said that parenting an adolescent is an incredible and unique period of life!! When you’re in the midst of it all… the challenges, the confrontations, the worry, the despair even… it can be hard to see it this way.

Teenagers can be dramatic, emotional, influenced heavily by friends, risk takers and non-conforming toward adults.

Parents of teenagers can be dramatic, emotional, influenced heavily by society’s expectations, risk-averse and non-conforming toward adolescent viewpoints!

It can sometimes seem that parents and their teenagers are destined to be “butting heads”, through this often rocky road of adolescence.

There are SO many articles, courses, books, podcasts on how best to parent a teenager. I’m neither interested nor qualified to tell you how to parent! How to care for yourself, however, during this time of parenting a teenager, is something I’m very keen to share with you.

My biggest “aha” moment in my own parenting experience was reading “Parenting from the Inside Out”, by Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzel. In fact, my “aha” moment was simply from reading the title of the book! I can’t actually remember too much about what was in the book, but I can remember taking more steps toward my own internal journey, toward the journey of true self care and self compassion. And this was a game changer for me.

This is the inspiration for “Surviving and Thriving Parenting Adolescents”. Join me in this 6 week journey of understanding and compassion… for yourself! Whatever your parenting philosophy is, start with yourself. Create a strong and sturdy foundation for yourself so that you can stay connected to who you really are, maintain perspective and enjoy the fabulous ride of parenting teenagers.

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