Move Well

Move Well

Yoga helps you MOVE WELL.

BUT you don’t need to be able to MOVE WELL to start a yoga practice!!

Optimising the way our unique body is capable of moving can impact our life in ways that are far ranging. 

Our body is constantly providing information to our brain that influences our health and sense of wellbeing. Our posture and the way we move has huge impacts on our whole body’s functioning. From backaches, shoulder pain, or sore feet… to poor digestion, breathing difficulties or impacts on blood and lymph flow.  The way we hold ourselves even impacts our mood, often in a substantial way!

Good posture and ease of movement, enables us to get much more out of life. We’re not only ABLE to do more in our life, but we FEEL like doing more in our life. 

Moving well can mean something different to each person. Moving well at 80, is a different thing to moving well at 20. Moving well for an able-bodied person is different to moving well for someone with a physical disability.  So many factors can come into what would constitute moving well. Moving well is subjective.

This is why it’s important to find the right movement practice for you. Yoga is accessible to everyone, but not all yoga classes are accessible for everyone.  Finding the right yoga practice for your unique body can be difficult… especially if you’re not between 20 and 40 years old AND already reasonably fit and active!  Even beginners yoga classes can sometimes assume a lot about how the bodies in the class are able to move.

Practicing yoga by focusing on YOUR experience of any given body shape, with the invitation to explore the sensations you might be feeling as you move, is the most effective way to assist your body in naturally beginning to move well.  

A private yoga class is a great way to explore yoga in a safe and effective way. Just one class with an experienced teacher can send you on your journey to know which group classes (or home practice) will work well for you and YOUR body.  Some people prefer to continue a private yoga class where they can continually have their practice tailored to suit them and their unique body and mind, a practice that meets you where you are and gently but effectively has you moving well, with more ease and with more joy!

Click below, if you’d like to learn more and feel the benefits of a yoga practiced designed just for you.

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