Private Classes

Kathy's Yoga Shed

A Private appointment is for just you or you and up to 5 others to enjoy a yoga practice together, in private.

The class will be just for you and invited friends or family (children are welcome). You have the option to choose your own focus or theme or  you can leave it up to me!

Private Group classes are a beautiful way to build stronger connections with family members or friends, with options such as partner yoga, where you assist each other in a body shape.

Private solo classes are an amazing opportunity to spend the hour on you and your needs and wants alone.

With your private class, you can feel comfortable to explore different options without concerning yourself about how you “look”, you can feel comfortable to laugh out loud, or maybe shed a tear.

A private group allows flexibility with timing, to choose a mutually convenient time that works for all of us or if its just for you, then we make it all about you! 

A Private class is for you if:

  • You would like some more specific individual advice
  • You want to feel at ease in practicing at your own pace, possibly pausing and exploring a specific shape for longer when it feels appropriate.
  • You feel more comfortable practicing with people you know
  • You’d like to build a stronger connection with your children/your partner/your friends
  • Fitting into the regular timetable of classes doesn’t suit you.
  • You’d like you (and your group) to choose the focus, theme or pace of classes

A Private class is NOT for you if:

  • You love the anonymity of a large group class
  • You prefer to meet all the different people who come to open group classes each week
  • You like being a part of a large studio community with lots of students from different places and backgrounds

Private appointments are $120 for a 60 minute class, with up to 6 participants allowed in the group

Multi class passes for private appointments are:

$500 for a 5 (private) class pass

$900 for a 10 (private) class pass