Private Plus

Private Plus is designed to create a sustainable, individualised practice just for you. Your practice can then become a part of your life, bringing you flexibility and mobility, energy and vitality, joyful calm and peace.

To truly enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice, it’s important to find the right practice for your unique self – body, mind, spirit. You also need a practice that can fit into your daily life.

A private plus appointment is 90 minutes in which you and I collaborate, to work out the best practice for you, right now. But booking a Private Plus appointment is much more than the 90 minutes in which we meet face to face.

What happens first...

Prior to our appointment, you’ll be invited to complete a comprehensive intake form, to allow you some time to reflect on what it is you’re really wishing for, along with important information I need to ensure your practice is safe and appropriate for your unique requirements.

What to expect during...

During our appointment, we’ll sit (either on chairs or mats – your choice) and discuss your intake form, after which I’ll outline my plan for the session for your approval.

Depending upon your requirements and/or requests, your appointment may then include the following:

  • Breathwork
  • Yoga based movements (includes movement with breath and also pausing in particular postures or shapes)
  • Meditation practices
  • Relaxation practices

What happens after...

After your appointment, you’ll receive information on how you can continue to practice your personalised program. This may include:

  • Detailed notes
  • Video (short recordings of myself demonstrating practices for you)
  • Audio recordings
  • A variety of mini-practices to fit into your day, with options to combine and create a longer practice when you prefer.

You’ll also be invited to contact me to ask questions, to clarify any part of your practice, for up to two weeks after receiving your personal program.

Beyond two weeks, you have the opportunity to join a Private Plus Membership, which offers you ongoing support and review of your program.

Got some more questions? Contact me to arrange a free 15 minute Private Plus phone chat to discuss your unique situation and whether you’re a good fit for Private Plus.

Private Plus is for you if:

  • You want some strategies that you can use in your daily life NOW that you can also take with you into your future, to improve your mobility, resilience and strength (physically, mentally, emotionally).
  • You’re committed to looking after yourself better – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • You’re ready to commit to taking time out on a regular basis to bring about positive changes in your life (as little as 5-15 minutes each day)
  • You want to feel better about your body and you want to feel at ease IN your body.
  • You want to learn ways to “switch off” and truly relax

Private Plus is NOT for you if:

  • You’re after a quick fix for your health issues (although a dedicated practice can definitely be part of an overall plan for specific health issues)
  • You’re not prepared for an initial period of adjustment and discomfort (physically, mentally and emotionally)
  • Your priority is to change how your current body looks (this may happen as a result of your practice, but this will NOT be the focus)
  • You think that unless you’re pushing yourself, unless you’re breaking a sweat or huffing and puffing, then a practice isn’t doing anything (unless you’re willing to try a different approach).