Regular Group Classes

Stretch & Connect

Stretch & Connect is on most weekdays and is a great way to enjoy a consistent practice. It’s a “general” class, suitable for beginners and accessible to most (contact me if you’re not sure).

A typical Stretch & Connect class incorporates movement, breath work and relaxation and/or meditation. The class theme and focus moves with the seasons. Keeping our body and mind in sync with the rhythms of nature helps us function better!

My little Yoga Shed is a small and inviting space 😊  This keeps classes small and intimate, allowing for plenty of options and attention for each person.

Stretch & Connect classes are for you if:

  • You would like a small, more intimate setting for yoga, with time for individual attention
  • You want the convenience of yoga classes within walking distance of where you live and you like the idea of practicing yoga with your neighbours
  • You want to move your body, to stretch out and improve mobility, you want to quieten a busy mind for a while, and leave feeling refreshed and energised.
  • You’re looking for a regular class you can attend, that feels casual, friendly, accessible and convenient

Stretch & Connect classes are NOT for you if:

  • You like a dynamic and sweaty yoga class with plenty of challenging inversions and fancy sequences
  • You like the vibe of a large group and a “city” studio

After School Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga

An opportunity for Teens to Move. Breathe. Connect.

This class is held at the Old Courthouse, Wollongong during school terms.

Get in touch for more information