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The Rhythm of Life is a Powerful Thing!

Rhythm of Life

Do you remember the scene in “The Jerk”, when Navin finds his rhythm? 😂 (there’s a link to it on YouTube at the bottom of this page) 

Rhythms are powerful! They can help us find vitality and energy, along with a sense of security and overall wellbeing. We all have our own unique way of connecting with rhythm (like Navin), but connect we must, if we’re to enjoy the flow (the music!) of our lives.

Rhythms might include the regular sleepy, sweet embrace with a loved one when you wake in the morning… the everyday early morning walk with the dog… the non-negotiable morning coffee or tea… the stretch you always do when you first get out of bed… or the predictable banter over dinner with your teenage children… rhythm can include many, many things.  Routines and schedules can all be a part of our life’s rhythm.

Rhythm is how we connect with the world around us. When our relationships are strong and fulfilling, we’ve stepped into a rhythm with others that feels good, that feels healthy, that feels reciprocated, where we feel connected to the other.

Similarly, when we join the rhythm of nature, we start to feel like we are a part of nature ourselves (which we are!). Moving and behaving in ways that are in sync with the natural world is a powerful way to feel good, to stay healthy, to feel connected. Being active and awake during daylight hours, and then slowing down to  a quieter time followed by sleep during the evening and night is a great example of joining nature’s rhythm.

Rhythms are the foundation for the pace, the dance, the music of our life. When I find myself tapping into a rhythm that works for me, life feels sweeter. When my rhythm starts to change (and sometimes it needs to), then that transition can feel a bit “clunky”, awkward and uncomfortable until I start to feel the beat. Sometimes, if I let go of trying to keep my old rhythm and let the new rhythm take me… the transition feels smoother and more natural.

We can use rhythms as a part of our internal or circadian clock, for our sleep/wake cycle, our eating times, our working times, our social times.  Rhythms generally involve regularly recurring “strong” elements, together with regularly recurring “weak” elements. Generally, a rhythm contains opposites (like the sleep/wake rhythm). 

Rhythms soothe us. They feel predictable. But when we find ourselves in the “wrong” rhythm, something just feels a little “off” and we don’t feel like we can dance or come alive (like Navin).  So it’s important to know that there are instances where although the rhythm is predictable (which can feel soothing) it’s not always the right rhythm for us.

When our yoga practice moves and changes according to rhythms, it can be a truly beautiful experience. Our relationship with ourselves is honoured, our relationship with our own body can become stronger, we feel healthy, we feel connected. 

If we use our yoga to connect and stay in sync with nature, then our practice can become even more powerful! 

During the Spring we can enjoy some extra twists, starting to increase the energy in a practice, mimicking nature as it begins the cycle of new life and growth. Moving into Summer months with increased daylight, we can focus on expansive practices that are more dynamic and vibrant. As Autumn starts to unfold, we might start to slow down a little, to be a little more introspective, to let go of some practices that don’t feel right for now, to focus more on our breath. When Winter arrives, we can move into practices for deep strength, slow and steady practices that nourish, that provide a strong foundation, increasing our energy to grow again in the Spring 🌱

These rhythms aren’t always rigid though, they can flow from one to the other and back again. Sometimes a sunny autumn day (or mood!) might call for a more dynamic and vibrant practice, typical of a summer’s day. The point is, we notice and connect with what’s happening around and within us to move into the right rhythm. And the rhythm of a class no matter what the season, can also have a consistent underlying beat that always feels secure, safe and soothing.

In Stretch & Connect we use the cycles of nature to determine the pace and the rhythm of our class. With a small group, there’s room to accommodate everyone’s personal rhythm within that, to help create the beautiful connection that is yoga 💫

Oh, and click HERE for that scene of Navin in “The Jerk”, when he finds his rhythm!

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