Your Friend For Life

Body Love

I orginally wrote this for a Teen Yoga class.. but upon reflection, a lot of what I share with teens in yoga is every bit as applicable to anyone at any age! In this one life of ours we have just one body, so please take care of it.

Your body is your ultimate bestie… for life! 

Your body is constantly taking in information from inside and outside of you and using that information to help you be as healthy as possible. 

When your body needs you to do something to assist in keeping you at optimal health, it will send you messages. It will start off with subtle and quiet messages, but if you don’t listen it will get louder! Your body will do whatever it can to get you to pay attention.

Your body loves you. And it needs you to love it back.

The first part in loving your body, is to feel it! Take time to try to notice sensations you can feel in your body. 

Draw an outline of a body in your journal (keep it as simple as you like). Take some time to feel any sensations you can feel and then label the drawing with that sensation… you can use words, colours, or images to label the sensations that you can feel.

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