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Why Teen Yoga?

Your teenage years are an amazing period in your life!

Filled with potential, teenage brains:

  • Process more INTENSE EMOTIONS
  • Seek out NOVELTY and
  • Are hugely CREATIVE

There’s a lot of good stuff about adolescence!!

But sometimes all that growth and change leaves teens feeling lost, without purpose or a sense of meaning.

  • Instead of having emotional spark, some feel overwhelmed and helpless,
  • Instead of social engagement, some feel alone and rejected
  • Instead of seeking novelty in healthy risk taking, some seek excitement in dangerous, even life-threatening ways
  • Instead of feeling creative, some feel intense boredom and restriction

One reason for this is a lack of WHOLE-SELF CONNECTIONmind, body, spirit.

In my opinion, that sense of connection, sense of “wholeness”, is the BIGGEST benefit of a regular yoga practice.

Sure, yoga helps make you stronger, more flexible, with better balance. It’s great for growing bodies, especially when bones and muscles grow at varying rates. It’s great for our digestive system, our respiratory system, our cardiovascular system, our nervous system, our immune system!!

But just like many adults who take up yoga to stretch and gain more mobility in their bodies, often end up finding much, much more from their yoga practice…. so do teens. That extra profound and often unexpected part of a regular practice is a sense of peace in your own body, as the mind quietens down and you connect with your living, breathing, feeling, self.

Teen Yoga allows space and security for those intense emotions… sometimes through group chats, sometimes through journaling (either self-directed or otherwise), sometimes simply by providing a safe and non-judgemental space.

Teen Yoga, although still providing opportunity for an inward journey, also allows for socialising… through partner and group poses and through a relaxed, social “feel” (it’s quite ok to laugh, ask a question, or comment during a Teen Yoga class)

Teen Yoga provides opportunities to face fears and to take risks, through challenging poses for the mind and the body. It’s amazing to witness the support of peers within the yoga space for ALL students.

Teen Yoga often includes freedom to opt in or opt out at ANY time! Sometimes creating and choosing your own sequencing and modifications. Having CHOICE is emphasised in Teen Yoga classes.

Teen Yoga is not like yoga for children. Teen Yoga is not like yoga for adults. Teen Yoga takes into account the uniqueness of adolescence, it celebrates the amazing potential in teenagers and helps them in their journey to healthy adulthood.

Learn more about After School Teen Yoga classes here or In-School Teen Yoga classes here.

Finding balance,

Kathy x

NB: :In Daniel Siegel’s book, “Brainstorm”, he coins the term ESSENCE as:

Emotional Spark Social Engagement Novelty Creative Explorations

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