Empowering children and teens to find balance

In-school yoga and mindfulness classes

Finding Balance

KinKou means finding balance, or equilibrium, in Japanese. Balance is something we’re all striving for – whether we’re conscious of it or not. Our bodies are constantly adjusting to maintain equilibrium as they react to changes in their internal and external environment.  It’s the natural way of the world. In fact, the natural environment is doing the same thing, constantly adjusting in an attempt to achieve balance.

The goal of KinKou Yoga is to help children and teens to have enough self-awareness to know when their mind and/or body is out of balance and give them the valuable tools through yoga and mindfulness, to get back on track.

Helping children and teens find balance in their lives through yoga and mindfulness is what KinKou Yoga is all about.

It is our passion and our goal to bring yoga and mindfulness practices into the classroom in our primary and high school health and wellbeing programs. KinKou Yoga also has a fun, engaging and inclusive range of after school options for children, tweens and teens.

KinKou Yoga is helping the next generation to find balance in their lives and to be more grounded in the world around them.

Through the powerful tools of yoga and mindfulness, KinKou Yoga EMPOWERs children and teens to find BALANCE in their lives, allowing them true CHOICE in their actions, so that rather than react to situations, they know how to RESPOND in ways that reflect what they really want from life. Bringing a sense of PEACE within themselves, a sense of WHOLENESS, that happens as a result of CONNECTION with your mind, body and spirit. Feeling OK with who you are!

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga uses a combination of breathing techniques, exercise, stretching and meditation, improving our health and happiness. Mindfulness means paying attention to our bodies, what is going on around them, and how we are responding. It means purposefully being present in the moment in a non-judgemental way. In combining the best of yoga and mindfulness, children and adolescents receive a holistic approach to connection, health and wholeness.

Each yoga and mindfulness class conducted through KinKou Yoga provides health and wellbeing advice and practices based on continuing research into the physical and mental benefits of yoga exercises and the discipline of mindfulness. School Yoga and Mindful Schools programs (which can include teacher wellbeing) can be implemented separately in schools or combined to create a comprehensive health and wellbeing program aiming to create a focused, connected, resilient, confident and balanced student and school community. All KinKou Yoga classes and programs are trauma informed, taking into account the vast range of life experiences of our students. And all of our classes and programs are sensitive to and respectful of the beliefs, traditions and cultures in our diverse communities.

With yoga’s non-competitive spirit along with our consideration of visual and other sensory support needs, including trauma informed practices, we are truly inclusive of all children in the group.

Classes are tailored to each age group from kindergarten through to year 6. Games, stories and creative-imaginative play ensures younger students are kept engaged, while age-appropriate information on health and wellbeing is provided to older students. Partner and group exercises add to the fun of School Yoga for all age groups, acknowledging the need and desire for social connection that children and teens innately feel. 

Years 7 to 12 can experience an increased level of understanding about yoga exercises and mindfulness practices and how they can help. In our school health and wellbeing programs, we encourage tweens and teens to adopt a more contemplative and breath-centred practice, while building their confidence to try more dynamic and challenging yoga poses. Our classes also include the benefits of genuine self-care, reflection and connectedness, helping kids to remain engaged in their studies, relationships and communities.

Teen meditating on rock

Before or after school yoga and mindfulness programs provide the opportunity for teens and younger children to “dive deeper” into yoga in a smaller and more private setting. Perfect for a non-competitive option for extracurricular activities and with zero pressure to “perform” at a specific level. KinKou Yoga is a registered Active Kids Provider.

Teen Yoga

A regular yoga practice for teenagers allows them to focus and concentrate better, gives them tools and strategies for managing stress and anxiety, promotes better sleep, helps to regulate moods and to deal with difficult emotions. Along with this, yoga poses and stretches help a growing body adjust to the varying rates of bone and muscle growth, increases flexibility and coordination, promotes better posture, improving strength and increasing fitness.