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Live your life your way...

Whether its to decrease anxiety, de-stress, increase calm, learn how to relax, focus better or improve mental health generally. 

Whether its to feel more whole, cultivate inner peace, connect better with your inner world and manage life’s ups and downs a little easier, or simply to feel more grounded. 

Whether its to improve mobility, gain more flexibility, increase energy and strength, improve balance, or work on improving confidence in your own body and what it can do.

Or all of the above!

Join me in my ‘lil Yoga Shed, to breathe, move, relax and above all else to CONNECT to yourself and the world around you… 




A little bit about me and my classes…

Hello and welcome 😊

I’m Kathy, owner and founder of KinKou Yoga (KinKou means “balance” in Japanese).

Yoga has been the most effective tool I have found in accessing whole health – body, mind and spirit!

I first tried a yoga class when I was pregnant with my second child (back in 2001).  After that, yoga kind of crept up on me… I loved how I felt after class, it felt like I had “reset” in every way! My body felt taller, my breath felt easier, my mind felt clearer and any worries, concerns or ill-feelings I’d had before the class just didn’t seem to have the same “punch” after the class.

Over time, I became a more regular and consistent participant of yoga classes, and eventually took the leap into yoga teacher trainings… and from there it has been an amazing and life-changing journey of sharing and learning more and more about this incredible ancient practice!

My yoga teacher studies have included multiple yoga teacher trainings, including yoga for children, teens and seniors.  I have studied the practice of Yoga Nidra (a non-sleep deep rest protocol) and meditation.  All my classes are taught through a trauma-informed lens having studied with Sarah Ball (Trauma & Mental Health training), who remains my mentor and friend.

I’m also drawn to the intersection of the ancient eastern practice of yoga and modern western-based science which provides me with other influences on my teaching.

I offer a nurturing environment where you will feel “seen” and respected for who you are and where you currently are in your life journey. 

I offer a way forward to having more confidence in your own body and what it can do. Better health, more energy and mobility. Less free-floating anxiety, with a calmer, positive and optimistic view of the future. A better sense of self, meaning and purpose.

I truly believe that if you can MOVE better and BREATHE better, you will FEEL better and live more of the life you want.

I offer private appointments in person or online.

I offer small intimate group classes and events to explore various areas of interest.

My yoga space is stocked with beautiful boutique yoga equipment mostly from Create Flow, a local business with strong ethical values and owned by my personal favourite yoga teacher, Lis, and her husband Dave.

You can find me in the beautiful seaside suburb of East Woonona, where I live with my long time husband and partner in life, Joe, my fabulous two young adult sons, Robbie and Luca, our crazy and wonderful dog, Banjo and personality filled cat, Kimba.

I invite you to join me there in my ‘lil yoga shed, where I can share with you what I’ve found to be the most healing and effective way to live a life on purpose!

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