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Welcome to Kathy's Yoga Shed, where I share yoga and other wellness tools for people who've realised that there's more to life than the daily grind!

KinKou Yoga is for those of us who want to feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally.  

Those of us who have realised they need to take care of themselves, so that they can move well and feel well, to allow us to live the life we want to live with more ease, more energy, more purpose and with more meaning. 

My ‘lil yoga shed in the beautiful seaside suburb of East Woonona is an unassuming, inviting space where you can do the “work” of true self-care, to help you live the life you want.

I’m Kathy, owner and founder of KinKou Yoga (KinKou means “balance” in Japanese). 

Yoga has been the most effective tool I have found in accessing whole health – body, mind and spirit!

I offer a nurturing environment where you will feel “seen” and respected for who you are and where you currently are in your body, your mind, your  life’s  journey.  

I offer a way forward to having more confidence in your own body and what it can do. Better health, more energy and mobility. Less free-floating anxiety, with a calmer, positive and optimistic view of the future. A better sense of self, meaning and purpose. 

I truly believe that if you can MOVE better and BREATHE better, you will FEEL better and live more of the life you want.

A little bit about me and what motivates me…

I want to share with you what I and many others have found to be an incredible practice of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing! 

I want you to feel the sense of inner peace and stillness that you can access when you’re feeling frustrated, upset or overwhelmed.  

I want you to feel comfortable in your own body, to know how to take care of your body so that it can move with more ease and energy. 

I want you to know how it feels to be truly rested. I want you to know how it feels to be totally energised. 

I want you to feel comfortable with how your mind works, so that you can be open and resilient to what life brings you while also forging your life in the direction you want.  I want you to experience the importance of taking time to look after yourself to feel far more freedom and joy. 

I want you to know that YOU are worth the investment in yourself. 

I first tried a yoga class when I was pregnant with my second child ( in 2001).  After that, yoga kind of crept up on me… I loved how I felt after class, it felt like I had “reset” in every way! My body felt taller, my breath felt easier, my mind felt clearer and any worries, concerns or ill-feelings I’d had before the class just didn’t seem to have the same “punch” after the class. And it didn’t stop there. This ancient practice started to influence how I felt about myself, my body and my relationships. It started to bring a bigger sense of meaning to my life.  

I was intrigued, I was even compelled, to learn more.  

Oftentimes, the journey to understanding ourselves takes time. It ironically can take time to realise that time is constantly moving on… and we can’t rely on our bodies to stay healthy and to move easily without  some care and attention.  Through specific life events or just through a slow dawning, we might start to realise that we’ve been living on autopilot and letting others (including media and society) dictate what’s meaningful and important for us and our own life. We might start to realise that all or much of our energy is being expended on looking after others, while our own self is becoming neglected.

This is where I can help. I’ve done some hard work (from the inside out) and I’ve learned some important lessons. I’ve attended multiple trainings, read countless text books, listened to podcasts,  learned how to check out scientific studies and peer reviewed research findings…

But I love learning.  In particular, I love learning about how our body, our brain, our mind can best function. I love learning about emotions and why we react the way we do, what motivates us and how we can use ancient wisdom combined with modern science to help us manage life’s challenges.  I love learning about different life philosophies. I want to know how we can get the most out of this amazing life we’ve found ourselves in!  

I use my own self as my science lab, for working out what works best for me… but we are not clones. We have our own wonderfully unique differences as well as many similarities.  Fortunately, the practices of yoga are vast and I do believe there is something there for everyone.

Using my knowledge and experience in collaboration with YOU, I can help create practices that will suit YOUR body, mind, and current life situation, to help YOU live the life you want. To move better, to breathe better, to feel better!

So, what’s your story? What brings you here? I’d love to know!

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